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2009. Erik Typky and Jan Bachmann met at an up-and-coming, renowned luxury textile company in Zurich, Switzerland. Both on the lookout for their true calling. Driven by the same passion and a good eye for detail both of them soon start to build their own success story.

Since the beginning of 2014 the innovative brand Parley Zurich has stirred things up in the Swiss luxury market. Parley Zurich designs handmade luxury accessories, that put the interests of its customers first and that are produced in the world`s leading manufactories. The ambition: creating a first-class array of products with a sophisticated design along with the best value for money. Today, the team stays in close touch with numerous well known national and international brands.

The key pieces and the most beautiful accessories of a collection are personally discussed and designed on site.

The assortment of materials and goods is selected meticulously. Hand produced high end luxury accessories that are elegant, unique and trendsetting make their way into the final collection. Due to this process and backed by years of experience the young brand can ensure a production quality of the highest level possible. However, Parley`s success does not only originate from impeccable quality, know-how or an excellent rendition of services. The visual results can hold their own as well: A multifaceted combination of luxurious and quality-wise outstanding materials, forms, colors and textures allows for a collection full of character elegantly underlining every personality.

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