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Parley specializes in the sale of customized high-quality luxury accessories and give-aways designed in Switzerland. This spectrum is complemented by the distribution of individualized premium customer gifts that help companies in showing how much their customers are appreciated. Parley sets itself apart from existing competitors due to both the various possibilities of free product styling and the optimization of several design and sampling proccesses. As a result the quality and the price speak for themselves.
Parley High Quality Customer Gifts Switzerland
We take your suggestions and turn them into extraordinary ideas. Let your customers know how much you appreciate them.
Customer Gifts Cigar Set and Bar set Switzerland
All products are realized in some of the world`s leading manufactories (e.g. Hermès, Montblanc, S.T. Dupont) that have been carefully selected over the past 5 years.

We constantly challenge ourselves to optimize all of our workflows and processes so that you can profit not only from our experience but also from our value for money ratio.How may we be of assistance?

What Parley offers

Provide your company with the identity it deserves.
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Spinning globe double axis cufflinks
Special Cufflink Box Design and spinning globe cufflinks
Glashütte Original Globe Cufflinks
Maurice Lacroix Customer Gift Cufflinks
Blancpain Belt Buckle Drawings and mockup
Tavan Nuden International brand Belts and Accessories
Tavan Nuden Mongolia Cufflinks and Luxury wood box
Carl F bucherer Cufflinks by Parley Switzerland
The way a company wishes to represent itself to its inside and outside world has tremendous effects on its corporate identity and consequently its public appearance. A consistent and standardized outer appearance is considered essential in today`s business world in order to get recognized. A company`s specific character and its features that distinguish it from other businesses needs to be mirrored in its visual presentation. To both strengthen and emphasize your company`s identity is Parley Zurich`s goal.
Customization made easy.

Made for you

Every gift or give-away that Parley Zurich sells is made exclusively for you. That means that Parley does not make use of stock articles. Everything is produced from scratch and arrives at your doorstep as a brand new product fresh out of production.

Parley Zurich also produces custom-made leather goods: Nappa leather, oiled leather, Velour leather, antique refined leather, shagreen, crocodile leather, snake skin and many more available. Chose among 50 different materials and classy metal hardware (zipper, plackets). Small minimum amount order feasible. Sample costs for your very own design including corporate engraving or stamp starting at CHF 200.- Accessories available as customer gift or for retail: wallets, handbags, belts, cufflinks, ties, foulards, pens, gift box, etc.

The extended product range include silk ties, silk scarves, glass sets, decanters, cigar tubes, key holders, writing utensils and many more…

Our team will be great addition to your business!

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Provide your company with

All you have to do is provide a logo or an idea and Parley will work out a proposal for a finished design.

Among others Parley offers customized belt buckles, pins, and cufflinks made of luxury watch steel 316L.

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Parley gives you a complete solution for your company. Product design and production management is handled all by Parley's experts along with a simple communication that makes ordering and producing new products as easy as making a tea in the morning. Plus, Parley integrates seamlessly with the tools you need to keep business running smoothly. Just by email or phone.

Parley's Promise

Delivering Quality Service & Products

Parley`s swiss quality standard is known to be exceptional. After evaluating your desires and needs Parley creates a variety of free designs (3D renderings) that you can chose from for sample production. Profit from our fast response time paired with excellent service and quality. If you wish to receive a quotation or a design for your individualized customer gift all you have to do is send Parley your ideas, your company logo and the estimated quantity you would like to have. In the next step you will receive a design proposal followed by a quotation. Once you are satisfied with the result Parley Zurich will start the production of your high-quality give-away.

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Share your ideas with us:
- provide your Logo, your estimated quantities and quality requirements
Custom Made Belt Development


Parley will submit 1 design proposal for free:
We review your project and design you the best solution you've ever seen.
We take all the shiny pixels from Illustrator, Photoshop, Autodesk Inventor, Rhino to Keyshot. That's where we can click-thru.

- you will be able to change and add alterations to the design  
- Parley provides you with a quotation listing everything you need to know before the start of production
Swiss Luxury Customer Gifts Accessories and Jewelry

Your finished product awaits

Delivery of your order to your doorstep.
- a unique product in exquisite quality  
- satisfied customers/employees and a strengthened corporate identity
Belt Buckle Manufacturer Switzerland for Customer Gifts

Inspect the products yourself in person in an appointment with our representative.

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